The International Association of Internet Professionals (IAIP) is a trade association providing professional networking and a platform for the common interests of individuals in the global Internet community. It is comprised of individuals, organizations and institutions who desire advancing the state of strategy development, user experience design, development and marketing communications for all facets of the Internet including mobile, experiential, social and beyond.

The goal of the IAIP is to provide an international online community that connects Internet professionals across the globe, breaking down the barriers of borders and translation. Our goals include the fostering of career advancement, sharing of best practices, allowing members to contribute content, and strive to lead the industry through open collaboration.

Membership is free and open to all professionals, students and others who have an interest in career advancement and global networking.

While the website is ever-evolving, its first phase will grant members access to a community forum that allows them to work together on problems and to explore new ideas in technology. The site will evolve to include real-time translation capabilities, a comprehensive industry event calendar and an international job board.